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MobiuSolar itself, and through its Strategic Partners, offers a full range of Project Services

Preparatory Work

Feasibility Studies
Environmental Studies
Project Funding
Bank Document Preparation
Energy Audits
Grid Connectivity Analysis

Project Activities

Geodetic Surveys
Static Review
Site Drawings
Planning Permissions

Implementation Activities

Preparatory Construction Work (example: site preparation)
Construction of the Sub-Stations
Power Collection System Installation (Solar, Wind or Hydro)
Monitoring Systems Installation
Assistance in Securing PPA's or FIT's for the Sale of Electricity Generated
Connection of the Plant to the Distribution Network

Maintenance and Monitoring

Operation and Maintenance Services
Remote Monitoring

The above services are available for PV, Wind and Hydro Systems

The above are just a few of our completed projects.

Installation references are available on request. Please email us for additional information.

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